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Regulament Assasini / Hitman Rules

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[Limba Romana]


Regulamentul unui Asasin

/Reguli generale >> 

  • Interzisa favorizarea oricarui prieten / player de pe server. >>> V.W.
  • Se activeaza atat in joc cat si pe panel si forum, si se verifica topicurile importante. >>> V.W.
  • In cazul in care nu se poate ajunge la o sedinta / activitate se posteaza pe forum la invoiri. >>> V.W.
  • Un membru al factiunii trebuie sa aiba un limbaj decent atat pe forum cat si in joc, cine nu respecta va fi sanctionat. >>> V.W.
  • Jucatorii de pe blacklist, nu vor avea posibilitatea intrarii in factiune doar daca vor plati o cautine de 1.000.000 (milion) $. >>> F.W.
  • Gradul mai mare se respecta indiferent ca e doar cu 1 grad mai mare (ex. tu rank 1 , el rank 2).  >>> V.W.
  • Conflictele intre colegi se vor rezolva printr-un PM liderului cu cele intamplate (incluzand departamentele). >>> F.W.
  • Detaliile despre rank up se gasesc in acest subiect. Intrebarile despre rank up vor fi chiar si cu demitele la insistente. >>> F.U.
  • Activitatea factiunii se posteaza saptamanal pana in ora 22:00 Vineri Seara. Contrar, nu veti primi salariul pe saptamana respectiva.  >>> V.W.


/Reguli interne >>

  • In momentul unui contract, hitmanul nu are voie sa isi infatiseze adevarata identitate.
  • Daca victima vede numele hitmanului, si ii face screen shot, astfel urmat de reclamatie, respectivul hitman va fi demis.
  • Un asasin nu lasa martori, deci daca in momentul in care ati ucis o victima, si exista un martor, el va deveni victima de asemenea.In cazul in care victima este intr-un grup de mai mult de 2 persoane, se foloseste comanda /disguise pentru a lua infatisarea si culoarea celor din respectivul grup.
  • In cazul atacului victimei intr-un grup, numele poate fi afisat deoarece se considera ca suntem deghizati.
  • Daca atacam victima intr-un grup, se va face discret fara a da de banuit prea mult, asta insemnand ca nu ne apucam sa luam mitraliera, si sa incepem sa ii ciuruim pe toti creand astfel panica. Simplu, un silent kill cu arma, cutit sau ce mai este in dotare fara a da prea mult de banuit daca se poate.


/Reguli de organizare >> 

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[English Language]


Hitman Rules

/General rules >> 

  • Favors to any friend / player is forbidden. >>> V.W.
  • Activate in game but on the forum and panel as well and check for the important topics. >>> V.W.
  • In case you cannot get to a meeting or activity you have to post a leave form. >>> V.W.
  • A faction member have to act nicely and not speaking a bad language, otherwise will get punished. >>> V.W.
  • Blacklist players would not have the possibility of entrance in the faction unless they pay 1.000.000 (million) $. >>> F.W.
  • The higher rank will be always respected indifferent that he is only 1 rank above you. (ex. you rank 1 , and the other rank 2). >>> V.W.
  • The colleagues conflicts will be solved by sending a PM to the leader with the events (including the departments). >>> F.W.
  • The rank details will be founded on this subject. If anyone insist about rank can get uninvited from faction. >>> F.U.
  • The faction activity is posted weekly until 22:00 Friday Evening. Contrary, you will not get the salary for that week.  >>> V.W.


/Intern rules >>

  • At the time of a contract, the hitman is not allowed to present his true identity.
  • If the victim sees the hitman's name, and makes a screen shot, followed by the complaint, the hitman will be fired from faction.
  • An hitman does not leave witnesses, so if at the time you killed a victim, and there is a witness, he will also become a victim. If the victim is in a group of more than 2 people, use the command / disguise to take on the appearance and color of those in the group.
  • In case of attack of the victim in a group, the name can be displayed because it is considered that you are disguised.
  • If we attack the victim in a group, it will be done discreetly without giving too much suspicion, which means that we do not start taking the machine gun, and start sifting them all, thus creating panic. Simple, a silent kill with a weapon, knife or whatever else without giving too much to suspicions if possible.


/Organise rules >> 

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