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Cum te alaturi? / How to join?

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[Limba Romana]


Regula de intrare  Grove:

Pentru a intra in acest gang nevoie de urmatoarele cerinte:

  • Sa fii level minim level 6.
  • Sa nu ai antecedente, blacklist.
  • Sa stii regulamentul si comenzile.

Reguli transfer:

Te poti transfera in aceast gang in cazul in care:

  • Ai minim o saptamana in Mafia care este coordonatoare acestei bande.

De retinut faptul ca de fiecare data cand va transferati rankul detinut va fi scazut cu 2. (Ex. In Mafie rank 2 = Gang rank 1 or Mafie rank 5 = Gang rank 3).


[English Language]


Grove join Rule:

To join this gang you must have those:

  • To be at least level 6.
  • Not have any antecedents, blacklist.
  • To know the rules and commands.


Transfer Rules:

You can transfer to this gang if:

  • You have at least 1 week in the lead Mafia of this gang.

Remember that all the time you transfer your rank will be reduced by 2.  (Ex. Mafia rank 2 = Gang rank 1 or Mafia rank 5 = Gang rank 3).

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