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Regulament Guvern / Politicians Rules

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[Limba Romana]


Regulamentul unui Politician

/Reguli generale >> 

  • Interzisa favorizarea oricarui prieten / player de pe server. >>> V.W.
  • Se activeaza atat in joc cat si pe panel si forum, si se verifica topicurile importante. >>> V.W.
  • In cazul in care nu se poate ajunge la o sedinta / activitate se posteaza pe forum la invoiri. >>> V.W.
  • Un membru al factiunii trebuie sa aiba un limbaj decent atat pe forum cat si in joc, cine nu respecta va fi sanctionat. >>> V.W.
  • Jucatorii de pe blacklist, nu vor avea posibilitatea intrarii in factiune doar daca vor plati o cautine de 100.000 $. >>> F.W.
  • Gradul mai mare se respecta indiferent ca e doar cu 1 grad mai mare (ex. tu rank 1 , el rank 2).  >>> V.W.
  • Conflictele intre colegi se vor rezolva printr-un PM liderului cu cele intamplate. >>> F.W.
  • Detaliile despre rank up se gasesc in acest subiect. Intrebarile despre rank up vor fi chiar si cu demitele la insistente. >>> F.U.
  • Activitatea factiunii se posteaza saptamanal pana in ora 22:00 Vineri Seara. Contrar, nu veti primi salariul pe saptamana respectiva.  >>> V.W.
  • Guvernul poate fi demis in cazul in care playerii se revolta impotriva abuzurilor facute. >>> F.U.


/Reguli interne >>

  • Nu faceti spam pe chat. >>> V.W.
  • Nu aveti voie sa faceti reclamatie unui coleg, daca cineva a incalcat regulamentul faceti poze si trimiteti catre lider. >>> F.W.
  • Este interzis sa furati vehiculele colegilor. >>> V.W.
  • Este strict interzis sa aveti asupra voastra droguri sau materiale, cine este prins va risca uninvite. >>> F.U.
  • Aveti voie sa detineti orice job atata timp cat aceste este LEGAL. >>> F.U.
  • Nu aveti voie sa folositi arme sau sa atacati un player cu arma. >>> F.W.
  • Este interzis sa furati (/rob) bancile.  >>> F.W.
  • Este interzis sa furati bizurile.  >>> F.W.


/Preturile pentru lawyer free >> 

Un politician are dreptul de a scoate orice player din jail indiferent de timp, asa ca preturile pentru a scoate un player din jail sunt urmatoarele:

  • Free pentru playeri = 1.000 x level + secunde  $
  • Free pentru gangsteri = 1.500 x level + secunde  $
  • Free pentru mafioti = 2.000 x level + secunde  $
  • Free pentru VIPS = 5.000 x level + secunde  $

Se calculeaza intai preturile x levelul playerului, iar la urma se aduna cu secundele.

Daca un politician scoate pe cineva fara a respecta preturile de mai sus va fi aspru sanctionat, pana la demitere. >>> F.U.


[English Language]


Politician Rules

/General rules >> 

  • Favors to any friend / player is forbidden. >>> V.W.
  • Activate in game but on the forum and panel as well and check for the important topics. >>> V.W.
  • In case you cannot get to a meeting or activity you have to post a leave form. >>> V.W.
  • A faction member have to act nicely and not speaking a bad language, otherwise will get punished. >>> V.W.
  • Blacklist players would not have the possibility of entrance in the faction unless they pay 100.000 $. >>> F.W.
  • The higher rank will be always respected indifferent that he is only 1 rank above you. (ex. you rank 1 , and the other rank 2). >>> V.W.
  • The colleagues conflicts will be solved by sending a PM to the leader with the events. >>> F.W.
  • The rank details will be founded on this subject. If anyone insist about rank can get uninvited from faction. >>> F.U.
  • The faction activity is posted weekly until 22:00 Friday Evening. Contrary, you will not get the salary for that week.  >>> V.W.
  • The government can be dismiss if there are abuses and the players will riot.


/Intern rules >>

  • Do not make spam on the chat. >>> V.W.
  • Is forbidden to make a report to any colleagues, if anyone break the rules, make a photo and send to your leader. >>> F.W.
  • Is forbidden to steal the colleagues vehicles. >>> V.W.
  • Strictly forbidden to have materials or drugs with you. If anyone is founded with those kind of things will be uninvited. >>> F.U.
  • You can have any job as long as that job is LEGAL. >>> F.U.
  • Use of weapons or attacking people with weapons is forbidden.  >>> F.W.
  • Is forbidden to /rob the banks.  >>> F.W.
  • Is forbidden to rob the businesses.  >>> F.W.


/Prices for lawyer free >> 

A politician has right to take out from jail a player indifferent of his time, so the prices to get a player out of jail would be:

  • Free for players = 1.000 x level + seconds $
  • Free for gangsters = 1.500 x level + seconds $
  • Free for mafias = 2.000 x level + seconds $
  • Free for VIPS = 5.000 x level + seconds $

Calculate first the prices x level of the player, and then calculate together with the seconds.

If a politician take someone out of jail without respecting the prices above, would severely punished, until uninvite: >>> F.U.

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